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Brown, Walton stress housing and development platforms in bids for support

By Deidre Williams & Mark Sommer

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Housing and development emerged as a theme for both mayoral candidates as they hit the campaign trail less than a month before the general election.

Walton touted land trusts, and Brown acknowledged they have a role in the city’s future – to a degree.

Brown said he would continue working with developers on housing and commercial initiatives, and Walton acknowledged they also have a role in the city’s future – to a degree.

2021 election issues: Does Byron Brown deserve credit for Buffalo’s population increase?

By Jerry Zremski

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This summer, Brown’s prediction came true. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that Buffalo’s population grew 6.5% between 2010 and 2020 – its first such increase in 70 years, coming at a time when cities such as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Detroit continued to lose residents.

But is Brown responsible for the turnaround?

The answer could be key to voters choosing between Brown, a four-term incumbent who is waging a write-in campaign against India Walton, the democratic socialist who unexpectedly beat him in June’s Democratic primary.

Fruit Belt land trust touted by India Walton ‘performing fine,’ funder says. Byron Brown is unimpressed

By Jonathan D. Epstein

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Walton cites her work as founding head of the Fruit Belt Community Land Trust as evidence of her experience, and she sees the organization as a model to protect residents from gentrification in the city’s other neighborhoods.

Citing the land trust’s motto of “development without displacement,” she has called for a citywide federation of such independent entities, as part of a platform focused on workers, lower-income residents and the disadvantaged. And she says that’s central to her housing and development strategy.

Another Voice: Brown’s experience matters in mayoral race

By Barbara Miller-Williams & Patricia B. Pierce

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Point duty in policing is holding a key location to control the flow of traffic. In the military, it’s the most dangerous position at the head of a maneuver. In a lifetime of service, we’ve taken points of control and recognize the importance of leadership.

We believe Mayor Byron W. Brown should remain on point representing Buffalo. He is the most qualified candidate in the race measured by integrity, experience and results.

Walton wants more money for Buffalo schools; Brown says he already increased funding

By Deidre Williams

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Still, the scope of Buffalo’s support of the school district figures to be a campaign issue leading up to the November general election. Indeed, it already has played a pivotal role. Walton’s stance earned her an important endorsement from the Buffalo Teachers Federation – a union that represents more than 3,800 teachers – and contributed to her surprising victory over four-term incumbent Mayor Byron W. Brown in the June 22 Democratic primary.

Brown does not support the funding model Walton has touted, pointing out the city has increased its payments to the district since he took office 2006. The Buffalo district already receives a share of the county sales tax – as do all districts – and receives “a significant” chunk of the city’s property tax revenue, he said.