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As case proceeded without him, landlord sold houses where 29 children suffered lead poisoning

By Patrick Lakamp*

Read the full article from Buffalo News, here.

This rental home at 952 Northampton St. in Buffalo is one of three that will be put into a receivership after its owner abandoned the properties over a year ago. This house and the other houses at 78 Deshler St. and 610 Adams St. are part of a court case in which the property owner was sued by the state Attorney General’s Office for lead paint violations at over 60 homes.

What Rising Gas and Rent Prices Mean for Families with Low Incomes

By Yonah Freemark

Read the full article from The Urban Institute, here.

Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, a shaky recovery from 2020’s recession, and, now, the war in Ukraine, inflation has shot up in the United States and in countries worldwide. For Americans, recent dramatic surges in gas prices and rent have increased the costs of daily life at a quicker rate than wages.

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