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Report: PPP loan program shortchanged Buffalo’s Black neighborhoods

By Jerry Zremski

Read the full article from Buffalo News, here.

“The federal government’s main effort to rescue small businesses during the pandemic tended to benefit wealthier neighborhoods far more than predominantly Black parts of metro Buffalo, according to a new study by a group that researches federal policy and its implications nationwide. The study found that the ZIP code with the largest Black population in Buffalo, on the city’s East Side, received the smallest number of loans. Meanwhile, the most loans locally went to the 14221 ZIP code, which includes Williamsville and parts of Amherst and Clarence.”

Protests could reshape post-coronavirus campus environments

By Paul Lane

Read the full article from Buffalo Business First, here.

“‘Over the last decade, we have replaced conversations around race with conversations around inclusion and diversity, which shifts the conversation and issue away so that we don’t have to deal with all of those complex issues that are related to grappling and dealing with race. Inclusion and diversity, in my view, has been nothing more than a smokescreen to marginalize the discussions of race and, in particular, the issues facing African Americans,’ said Henry Louis Taylor Jr., professor of urban and regional planning at UB’s School of Architecture and Planning.”

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Jacobs School responds to Floyd killing

By Ellen Goldbaum

Read the full article from UBNow, here.

“Medical students and residents are engaged in the intense work of learning how to become physicians who can best serve the communities where they will eventually practice. At the same time, what’s happening in society at large has a major impact on shaping their medical education. Last week, students, medical residents, faculty and administrators of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at UB and the units in UB’s academic health center took action to respond to the killing of George Floyd at the hands of police and the international protests it has engendered against the backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic.”

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Covid-19 lays bare health disparities in black community

By Caitlin Dewey

Read the full article from Buffalo News, here.

“As of May 7, per capita case counts were 88% higher in the county’s five majority black ZIP codes than they were in the rest of the county, according to a Buffalo News analysis of county Health Department data … That has forced many in this deeply segregated region to grapple urgently with the fact that white and black Buffalonians still experience far different health outcomes – an uncomfortable reckoning that one local health care advocate likened to that of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.”

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Yes, this virus discriminates, because we still do

By Rod Watson

Read the full article from Buffalo News, here.

“In fact, many of the same health disparities that disproportionately affect African Americans are the very same health conditions that make a person more susceptible to severe illness from Covid-19. Yet very few people are talking about that, or what we should be doing about it. And the ones who are talking aren’t being heard.”