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White House Unveils $2 Trillion Jobs & Infrastructure Plan

Read the full article from Democracy Now, here.

The White House has unveiled a $2 trillion jobs plan to help address the nation’s deteriorating infrastructure. It includes over $650 billion for roads, bridges, railways and ports; over $300 billion for housing infrastructure; $300 billion for domestic manufacturing; and billions for modernizing the electrical power grid, expanding broadband and eliminating lead pipes in drinking water systems. To pay for the plan, President Biden wants to increase the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, end federal tax breaks for fossil fuel companies and crack down on corporate tax avoidance.

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Jim Crow Redux: Georgia GOP Governor Signs “Egregious” Voter Suppression Law Targeting Black Voters

By Anoa Changa

Read the full article from Democracy Now, here.

Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp has signed a sweeping elections bill that civil rights groups are blasting as the worst voter suppression legislation since the Jim Crow era. The bill grants broad power to state officials to take control of election management from local and county election boards. It also adds new voter ID requirements, severely limits mail-in ballot drop boxes, rejects ballots cast in the wrong precinct and allows conservative activists to challenge the eligibility of an unlimited number of voters. Since the 2020 election, Republican state lawmakers have introduced over 250 bills in 43 states to limit voter access. The elections bill is “extremely egregious” in its restriction of voting rights, says journalist Anoa Changa. “They’re continuing to put processes in place that reinforce these narratives that … have long existed within the Republican toolkit to help get their base fearful in terms of what might come in terms of Black voters and other voters of color.”

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Biden Aides’ Corporate Ties Should Surprise No One

By Andrew Perez

Read the full article from Jacobin here.

“While Biden’s cabinet officials have already detailed their extensive corporate consulting work and paid speaking gigs, the Biden administration is just now starting to release the financial disclosure forms filed by senior White House staff, launching a new web page on Friday where people can request the filings. The new disclosures provide more detail about links between top administration officials and corporations lobbying the Biden administration.”

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Fact checking Biden on migrant surge during first news conference

By Jane C. Timm

Read the full article from NBC News, here.

“The truth of the matter is, nothing has changed. As many people came — 28 percent increase in children to the border in my administration. Thirty-one percent in 2019 before the pandemic in the Trump administration,” the president said. “It happens every single solitary year. There is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter months of January, February, March — it happens every year.” Biden is right that the colder months typically bring a surge of border crossings, but his numbers on children are wrong.

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