The War against Neo-Fascism and White Supremacy

The next stage in the fight against neo-fascism and White supremacy has begun.

The Trump Nation’s neo-fascist members’ attack on the capitol revealed the racist differences in the way that law enforcement and the National Guard treat Black Lives Matter and neo-fascist demonstrators.  Remember the nonchalant manner in which law enforcement responded to the neo-fascists who entered the Michigan statehouse.

Police response to BLM protests vs. the siege of the nation’s capitol.

There is more to the story.

The attack on the nation’s capitol reveals the neo-fascist character of the Trump nation and the Republic Party standing behind him.  Against the public outcry, some Republicans are moon dancing from Trump. 

Don’t believe them.
Republican politicians have enabled Trump for four years. Distancing themselves now is false and simply self-preservation.

They were compliant in the storming and occupation of the capitol.  And they are part of a larger neo-fascist movement.  The Republicans complied with Trump’s quest to delegitimize the election.  They allowed his rhetoric about a “stolen” election to go uncontested.  They share his guilt, and no amount of moon dancing can absolve them.

One more issue.  This fight is not over.

We, the progressives, beat back by the neo-fascist movement by defeating Trump and acquiring control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. But make no mistake, the Republicans and Trump Nation will continue their intrigue. 

The United States is a divided nation, and we have three competing visions of America: (1) Trump’s neo-fascist state, (2) Joe Biden’s status quo state, and (3) the progressive anti-racist, socially just and democratic state.

Cast away your illusions.
The struggle for a socially just and democratic state will continue beyond the election of Joe Biden.

We are in the next phase of struggle.  The election of Joe Biden as president and the storming of the capitol was the opening volleys in the next stage in the fight for America.

The attack on the Capital by the Trump Nation is part of the larger neo-fascist movement of which he is a member.  Trump unleashed this racist, fascist movement. 

These neo-fascist and White supremacists are not going away, and neither will the American progressive forces.  There will be no uniting of this divided nation.  My friends, days of struggle are before us.

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