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  • Buffalo’s Tax Assessment to Exacerbate Eviction Problem

    April 8, 2020 by

    By Ian Stern Two recent publications have shown that vulnerable neighborhoods in Buffalo are being threatened by two related, yet distinct, factors. Partnership for the Public Good (PPG) published an intensive study of eviction cases in the City of Buffalo in the year 2017 while the Buffalo News recently published an article regarding the recent… Read more

  • The CARES Act is Bi-Partisan Voodoo Economics at its Finest

    April 3, 2020 by

    by Ian Stern The bi-partisan agreement to move to a vote the $2 trillion bailout signals to the nation, loud and clear, that we have one corporate-capitalist party. According to Reuters, two waves of $1,200 checks will be sent to individuals earning up to $75,000/year, constituting $500 billion of the package. That is the same… Read more

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“ To build a Just Society, we must be able to imagine a very different, but possible, world.  To create that world, we must be prepared to cast away our illusions and exercise our right to the city.  And we must dedicate ourselves to building a bold new world based on participatory democracy, social-racial justice, and anchored by prefigurative planning.”

Henry Louis Taylor