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Land Valuation and the Enduring Significance of Racial Residential Segregation

By Henry-Louis Taylor, Jr.

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This evening my presentation focuses on the enduring significance of racial residential segregation and its relationship to the underdevelopment of Black communities.  It consists of two parts.  The first part examines the interaction among land valuation, racial residential segregation, and the underdevelopment of Black neighborhoods. The second part focuses on intervention and strategies for developing Black communities while simultaneously dismantling racial residential segregation.

Trapped: Racism, Health Inequities, Black Neighborhoods, and Reimagining the Legal System

By Henry-Louis Taylor Jr.

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The We Charge Genocide petition poses a troubling question, “are African Americans forced to live under conditions that breed unnecessary hardship, suffering, disease, dying, and premature death?” In my presentation today, I argue that the city-building process produces racially segregated, marginalized, and under-developed neighborhoods that breed low-incomes, disease, dying, and premature death among African Americans. These unhealthy housing and neighborhood conditions, I maintain, are made possible by a legal framework consisting of vague housing laws and a lax building code enforcement system. Moreover, this legal framework and enforcement system allow predatory landlords to operate with impunity in underdeveloped Black communities. Market-driven residential segregation is the culprit that creates the context that enables predatory business activities to thrive.

The War against Neo-Fascism and White Supremacy

By Henry-Louis Taylor, Jr.

“We, the progressives, beat back by the neo-fascist movement by defeating Trump and acquiring control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. But make no mistake, the Republicans and Trump Nation will continue their intrigue.”


By Henry-Louis Taylor, Jr.

NOTE: I wrote this essay four years ago, right after Donald Trump took office. A major national publication requested the piece but decided not to publish it. I suspect that it was too hot for them. After re-reading it a few days ago, I decided that it was as timely as ever, and I decided to publish it in my Blog. The essay proved prophetic and provided insight into Donald Trump. It will also provide clues on what we can expect from Trump after Biden takes office.

Myths about America obscure its original sins

By Beth Kwiatek and Henry-Louis Taylor, Jr.

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“Death, destruction and disease in the interest of power and profits are what built our nation. We cannot substitute mythology for history. Nor should we create an ideology that romanticizes and erases the brutality of that history.”