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Race of Capitol rioters determined treatment by law enforcement, Taylor says

By Doug Sitler

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“‘If hundreds of Blacks and brown people had stormed the nation’s capital, there would have been a bloodbath…Moreover, if the government knew that thousands of African Americans and Latinx were coming to D.C. to protest, legions of police and the National Guard would have been there. Yet, this is not surprising,’ [Taylor] says.”

The War against Neo-Fascism and White Supremacy

By Henry-Louis Taylor, Jr.

“We, the progressives, beat back by the neo-fascist movement by defeating Trump and acquiring control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. But make no mistake, the Republicans and Trump Nation will continue their intrigue.”


By Henry-Louis Taylor, Jr.

NOTE: I wrote this essay four years ago, right after Donald Trump took office. A major national publication requested the piece but decided not to publish it. I suspect that it was too hot for them. After re-reading it a few days ago, I decided that it was as timely as ever, and I decided to publish it in my Blog. The essay proved prophetic and provided insight into Donald Trump. It will also provide clues on what we can expect from Trump after Biden takes office.

Myths about America obscure its original sins

By Beth Kwiatek and Henry-Louis Taylor, Jr.

Reposted from Buffalo News

“Death, destruction and disease in the interest of power and profits are what built our nation. We cannot substitute mythology for history. Nor should we create an ideology that romanticizes and erases the brutality of that history.”