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Collective Ambitions: Amazon Workers on Their Union Fight

By Sudip Bhattacharya

Read the full article from Protean Magazine, here.

Sudip Bhattacharya’s interviews with workers at an Amazon facility in Staten Island reveal ruthless conditions, management’s overwhelming power—and how, despite that, they’ve found solidarity in organizing the Amazon Labor Union.

Blacks Saying Bye-Bye to Biden

Blacks Saying Bye-Bye to Biden

By Star Parker

Read the full article from Right & Free, here.

A new report from Pew Research shows that the sharpest drop in approval for President Joe Biden is among the Democratic Party’s most loyal and consistent supporters — Black protestants.

In March 2021, shortly after he took office, Biden’s support among Black protestants stood at 92%. By January 2022, this was down to 65%, a drop of 27 points.

Garcia appears likely winner in Erie County sheriff race

By Matthew Spina & Mike McAndrew

Read the full article from Buffalo News, here.

Republican John Garcia appears to be the likely winner of the Erie County sheriff race over Democrat Kimberly Beaty after elections workers counted mail-in ballots and posted new results late Tuesday.

Garcia had a 3,078-vote lead over Beaty after 11,848 absentee ballots were counted Tuesday. Beaty grabbed more than half of the absentee ballot votes, but was unable to catch Garcia.

The Erie County Republican Committee posted congratulations to Garcia on Facebook at about 10 p.m.

The City of Buffalo’s Untapped Power to Discipline Police Officers

The City of Buffalo’s Untapped Power to Discipline Police Officers

By J. Miles Gresham, J.D.

Drawing on decisions from the New York State Court of Appeals, this brief argues that the City of Buffalo has an untapped power to discipline police officers, outside of the provisions in its contract with the police union. Both court decisions and Buffalo’s legislative history grant it this authority. However, elected officials have not pursued reforms through collective bargaining agreements, or created new disciplinary systems outside of the police contract—such as civilian oversight with disciplinary power. Taking full advantage of the legal powers that municipalities already have can help remedy some of the fundamental flaws in our criminal justice practices.

Who are the top 10 donors to India Walton, Byron Brown?

By Mary B. Pasciak

Read the full article from Buffalo News, here.

India Walton’s top donors are about as different as Byron Brown’s biggest backers as the candidates are themselves: academics and progressive activists back her, and developers and local business leaders supporting him.

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