University at Buffalo Student Association – Town Hall on Racial Injustice

On July 16, 2020 the UB Student Association hosted a town hall on racial injustice at UB. Watch the video HERE.

The discussion is centered on the issues faced by Black community members at UB on the student, faculty, and staff levels. UBSA hosts a panel discussion with Black professors, staff, and students in the first hour to discuss their experiences with systemic racism and anti-Blackness on campus and how best to work towards a more equitable atmosphere for the prosperity of the Black community. During the second hour, guests and audience members have the opportunity to voice their thoughts and concerns. This period is an open discussion where panelists, guests, and audience members have a chance to respond to one another. Their guests include the UB President, Provost, College Deans, Office Directors, Faculty, and Staff many of whom listen to student concerns to take back ideas and opinions they will use in restructuring the system to break the barriers of systemic racism in our campus.

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