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State GOP aids mayoral bid of Brown, who is a former Dem chair

By Robert J. McCarthy

Read the full article from Buffalo News, here.

In this most unique of Buffalo mayoral elections, mailers from state Republicans have arrived at city homes over the past few days urging voters to write in Brown’s name on the ballot and lauding his “proven, common sense leadership.” They also note his support for police, protection for neighborhoods and that he is “fiscally responsible.”

Other mailers aim directly at his opponent, India B. Walton. The winner of the June Democratic primary, the mailers say, embraces a “radical agenda that will destroy Buffalo.” They picture her shouting into a bullhorn and claim Walton’s “destructive agenda will hurt Buffalo’s economy, raise taxes, increase rents and harm property values.”

Mayoral race driving early voting numbers

By Eric DuVall

Read the full article from Buffalo News, here.

Ballots cast in Buffalo for the hotly contested mayoral election dominated early voting for a second day, elections officials said late Sunday.

Erie County Board of Elections Commissioners Ralph M. Mohr and Jeremy J. Zellner announced that 3,371 voters cast ballots on the second day of early voting for the Nov. 2 general election, for an adjusted two-day total of 7,762.

Of votes cast Sunday, nearly half, 1,622 ballots, were by voters registered in Buffalo.

Polls will reopen from noon to 9 p.m. Monday for the third day of early voting. Registered voters in Erie County can cast ballots at any of the 38 polling locations now open.

Buffalo’s progressive nonprofits back Walton with ideas – and money

By Jerry Zremski

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Sure enough, the Walton agenda appears to be the culmination of a progressive nonprofit movement in Buffalo that took root in the 2000s and that grew exponentially in the mid-2010s thanks to more than $5 million in grants from a charity founded by liberal billionaire George Soros.

That gift created Open Buffalo, which runs a leadership program that counts Walton among its graduates. And it supercharged a number of other local nonprofits – the Partnership for the Public Good, PUSH Buffalo, Voice-Buffalo, the Coalition of Economic Justice – that have provided ideas and energy to the Walton campaign.

How should police handle mental health calls? Buffalo’s next mayor will decide

By Aaron Besecker

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The debate about the appropriate role police should take in mental health response often gets oversimplified, but most agree police involvement should be limited, said Elizabeth L. Mauro, CEO of Endeavor Health Services, a local nonprofit that provides mental and behavioral health services, including alongside city police.