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Now and Then: Rent Control, Rental Assistance, and Universal Vouchers

By Miriam Axel-Lute

Read the full article from Shelterforce here.

“Although the backdrop of a crisis that requires major federal intervention and economic stimulus is similar to that of 2011, the political landscape is clearly very different right now. The dominant conversation is not about how to eke out positive interest in our work along the margins, and convince Republicans to consider housing, but how to make the most of the opportunity of a country ready to talk about housing and with an appetite for bold proposals that actually make meaningful differences in people’s lives.”

Whose History?

By Zach Mortice

Read the full article from The Architect’s Newspaper here.

“Despite the National Register of Historic Places eligibility ruling, Buffalo’s housing agency hasn’t pursued any landmarking and instead wants to tear almost all of the complex down while retaining the sculptures. ‘These buildings are really pretty crappy,’ [Mayor Brown] said. ‘Even in their prime, they were not particularly lovely. They look like barracks.'”

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